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Ultra Low-Latency IP
PCI-express Framework

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LeWiz makes available its low-latency PCI-express framework for IP licensing - targeting low-latency applications such as those in the financial sector. Customers developing FPGA or ASIC based designs also would find LeWiz PCIe framework useful. LeWiz's PCI-express (PCIe) framework consists of the software and hardware components to make a PCIe board looks like a PC peripheral to the user's application when installed in a PC computer system (server or desktop). Examples of usage include PCIe network interface card, FPGA acceleration card, storage host bus interface cards. Using LeWiz PCIe framework developers can work at the user-level to take advantage of the friendliness, file handling capability and portability of the user-level code but still maintain the performance of kernel-level driver.

LeWiz PCIe driver software (SW) interacts with the user's software application. It also interfaces with the PCIe hardware (HW) framework via the PCIe HW core in the FPGA. LeWiz device driver by-pass the kernel allowing user's software at user-level to access data structures in the hardware directly with zero copying - low-latency and reduce CPU usage.

The device driver also interfaces with the Linux kernel/system BIOS to allocate memories, examine the PCIe slot(s) information for configuring the card, etc.

LeWiz PCIe Hardware framework interfaces with the user's application hardware directly. It allows the user's hardware to access SW data structures directly - low latency and easy to use.

User hardware's data structures such as HW registers, transmit/receive (TX/RX) data blocks (such as packets, packet payload information, or application specific messages), and TX/RX control information can be accessed directly via LeWiz framework.

LeWiz's PCIe framework makes it easy for the developers/designers to work on their applications without worrying about the complexity associated with the PCIe environment.

LeWiz also provides customization and design services to assist customers if required.

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