iTrade 6500

Ultra Low Latency
2-port, 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet
PCI-Express x8 FPGA card
(Options for 4-16 ports)



LeWiz's iTrade™ family of network interface cards (NIC) designed specifically for ultra low latency applications. The cards are targeted for use in financial trading systems on the trader side, exchange or trade service providers. The card can be programmed with FPGA firmware for trade execution, market data processing, risk compliance check, feed handler, and others. Low latency, high frequency traders, proprietary traders, bankers, brokerage or investment funds would benefit from LeWiz iTrade™ NIC products™ taking advantage of the nano-second level latency.

Users can implement their own custom application logic or use the card as is with LeWiz provided applications. The card can be plugged into standard PC system PCI-express slot and perform financial trading applications. It contains flexible Ethernet interface for 1 to 16 10G connections with no external PHY device. The FPGA on board can be ordered with chips of up to more than 1 million logic elements using Altera Stratix V devices, and high speed memory of DDR3, QDR II+, low latency DRAM.

LeWiz provides a full range of IP cores for use in different financial applications, applicable for different exchanges from NASDAQ™, NYSE™, CME™, to international exchanges such as Eurex™, Bovespa™, ASX™, Shanghai. LeWiz supports complex trading protocols such as FIX™, FTD, TCP/IP, or users can trade at super speed using user defined trading protocol. In addition, LeWiz provides IP cores for:

  • PCI-express Hardware and Software framework - ultra low latency, kernel by-pass, deterministic
  • Ultra low latency 10G MAC
  • Multi session, small foot print, zero software assist, Ultra low latency UDP/IP offload engine
  • NIC Network Protocol library (ARP, PING, IGMP, etc)
  • Hash algorithm, Table look up
  • Filters based on strings or binary
  • Pattern Matching Engine -- string or binary
  • Timestamping, Statistic tracking
  • Super Send Engine -- protocol agnostic
  • Packet generator -- full wire rate, programmable inter-packet gap

The IP cores can be used with standard FPGA tools such as Altera's Quartus tool, Verilog/VHDL simulator. User application interfaces with LeWiz hardware directly using LeWiz hardware APIs and socket. The iTrade6500™ card comes with loadable device drivers for Linux (Fedora Core, CentOS, RedHat, SUSE) operating systems. Developed for plug-n-play, no need for the users to recompile the driver or patching the kernel. Full debug support is included, fully accessible at user level with easy to use utilities. See LeWiz's iTrade, Talon, iDefend, iGuard and iStream NIC PCI-express products at: