iStream 5206


6-port, 1 Gigabit Ethernet
PCI-Express NIC
video streaming acceleration IPv4
and IPv6
copper/fiber optic



LeWiz is the first company to produce a family of network interface cards (NIC) designed specifically for video over IP applications. The cards are targeted for a wide range of video applications on the Internet, cable TV networks (VOD), and enterprise or high speed embedded video applications.

LeWiz's iStream5206TM NIC enables standard servers to stream video over TCP/IP networks at full 6Gbps rates with minimal CPU intervention. LeWiz Customers have reported performance at 6Gbps line rate using only 4% processing speed of a single CPU in the server system whether over 1 or 1500 simultaneous 3.75Mbps streams. The iStream5206TM NIC features 6, 1Gbps ports on a x8 PCI-express card. The card is ideal for high speed, usage intensive video server applications where streaming of large data files to thousands of clients simultaneously is required.

LeWiz has designed this card for high performance and throughput. For each port, LeWiz has packed a dedicated streaming acceleration engine, a dedicated 1Gbps MAC with large, non-sharing FIFOs, and multiple DMA channels allowing simultaneous fetching of data and commands independently. Each port also has dedicated large data paths in each direction enabling the port to transfer data while processing video data in parallel, nonblocking. Each port has a cluster of processing engines forming multiple processing pipelines allowing further parallel and pipelined execution while streaming out. Designed for video applications, the board has a host of acceleration, timing features for MPEG2 or RTP video data streams and UDP transmission including full UDP/TCP checksum offload, and UDP/TCP auto-segmentation capabilities.

The iStream5206TM card's single-chip, high level of integration allows it to maintain low cost, low power consumption easily fitting into the budget and requirements of a short PCI-express card. Yet, its hardware and software are fully programmable and maintains the ease of use of a normal NIC that many engineers are familiar with. There are many built-in programmable functions allowing the card to be tuned (even out in the field) to be compatible with any peculiar network equipment the user may be encountered out in the field.

The iStream5206TM card comes with loadable device drivers for Linux and Windows operating systems. Developed for plug-n-play, no need for the users to recompile the driver or patching the kernel as typically required by other offload cards.

For OEMs and developers, LeWiz created specialized APIs and other features for its iStream5206TM NIC to enable the OEMs developing differentiated products & unique features. The iStream5206TM NIC is a member of LeWiz's family of advanced NIC products from 1Gbps to 10Gbps for the PCI-express bus. Customers using the iStream5206TM NIC can maintain compatibility with LeWiz's other products. See LeWiz's Talon and iStream NIC PCI-express products at: