iDefend 4320


2-port, 10 Gigabit Ethernet
PCI-Express Security NIC
Security Sniffer Acceleration
copper/fiber optic



LeWiz's iDefend family of network interface cards (NIC) designed specifically for network security applications. The cards are targeted for a wide range of security appliances for LAN/WAN and data center environments from 1 to 10Gbps networks.

LeWiz's iDefend4320TM NIC enables standard PC systems to perform network security, network packet sniffing, analysis, deep-packet inspection functions over TCP/IP networks at full 10Gbps rates with minimal CPU usage. The iDefend4320TM NIC features 2, 10Gbps ports on a short form 8-lane PCI-express card. Each port is capable of capturing network packets at full 10Gbps speed, tracks the network packets arrival times and timestamp each packet with nano-second accurate timestamp. Each port also is capable of filtering unwanted traffics based on source/destination IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports, and protocol information. To optimize total system throughput and efficiency, the iDefend4320TM card can aggregate the Ethernet ports, captured network traffic and package them for fast storage to disks.

In fact, after the card's hardware completed the packaging of network packets into formatted blocks, the system's CPU can simply store the packaged blocks into its file system for post analysis. The iDefend4320TM card offloads the performance intensive functions - only 5% of a CPU is required to capture traffic at full 10Gbps rate.

The iDefend cards also track the network statistics of each port to further assist software in network analysis and system developers in debugging their system applications. The outputs can be configured to be in the popular PCAP format, raw packet mode, or others.

LeWiz has designed this card for high performance, high throughput, fully programmable and highly flexible. Customization for customer's specific function(s) is also possible. For each port, LeWiz has packed a dedicated filter acceleration engine, a dedicated 10Gbps MAC with large, non-sharing FIFOs, and multiple DMA channels allowing simultaneous fetching of data and commands independently. Each port also has dedicated large data paths in each direction enabling the port to transfer data while processing network packets. Each port has a cluster of processing engines forming multiple processing pipelines allowing further parallel and pipelined processing of security functions - maximizing throughput. It supports standard Ethernet frame (<=1500bytes) or jumbo sizes.

The iDefend4320TM card's single-chip, high level of integration allows it to maintain low cost, low power consumption, easily fitting into the budget and requirements of a short form PCI-express card. Yet, its hardware and software are fully programmable and maintains the ease of use of a normal NIC, field upgradeable - lowers the risk for deployment and ensures long-term usability for equipment investment.

The iDefend4320TM card comes with loadable device drivers for Linux (Fedora Core, CentOS, RedHat, SUSE) operating systems. Developed for plug-n-play, no need for the users to recompile the driver or patching the kernel.

For OEMs and developers, LeWiz created specialized APIs and other features for its iDefend4320TM NIC to enable the OEMs developing differentiated products & unique features. The iDefend4320TM NIC is a member of LeWiz's family of advanced customizable NIC products from 1Gbps to 10Gbps for the PCI-express bus. Customers using the iDefend4320TM NIC can maintain compatibility with LeWiz's other products. See LeWiz's Talon, iDefend, iGuard and iStream NIC PCI-express products at: