eTap 4004

Regeneration Ethernet TAP Card
Optic/Copper Media Converter
Packet Filter
Line monitor

Full-strength, optic/copper probe
line monitor and measurement
low latency, non-intrusive
gigabit ethernet



LeWiz's eTAP family of networking cards designed specifically for network tap and media conversion applications. Network taps are typically used in network security, network monitoring and analysis, packet capture applications. LeWiz's eTAP products can connect the local copper network to long distance, remote network(s) via fiber optic cable. LeWiz's eTAP products allow the conversion of any copper port to fiber optic port or vice versa. Single or Multi-channel products are available.

eTAP products Combine the best of network tap, media converter, line monitor, line measurement devices into a single card.

  • Low cost - Regenerates signals for network tapping or media conversion applications
  • Provides full strength signals (unlike the beam splitting taps' partial strength)
  • Allows long distance cabling for the main lines as well as the probe lines
  • Allows monitoring of connected network lines - network ports or probe ports
  • Allows measuring of signal strength, temperature and others
  • Allow packet filtering (optional)
  • Allows monitoring of link up, lost of signal
  • Counting of network statistics (packet counters, packet types, packet sizes, etc.)
  • Regenerates signals at the physical level - low latency and non-intrusive
  • Any port can be configured for optic or copper type
  • Uses the available PCI-express slot in your existing systems such as server or others
  • No need for added box or space in the data center rack
  • No need for extra power cabling
  • Full strength, full length of 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-LX (1000Base-T for copper)
  • Works with any system supporting PCI-express slot
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