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Low-Latency IP
10G Ethernet MAC

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LeWiz makes available its ultra low-latency 10G Ethernet MAC for IP licensing - targeting low-latency applications such as those in the financial sector. Customers developing FPGA or ASIC based designs also would find LeWiz Ethernet MACs useful.


On the Ethernet side, the MAC/SerDes interfaces directly to the optical module. No external PHY required.

On the internal user logic side, it has 3 interfaces. Two are FIFO interfaces. One FIFO interface is used for transmit purposes. The other is used for receiving purposes. A third interface is also available for direct data receiving, ultra low latency mode. This direct interface runs at 64 bit 156MHz Ethernet clock rate, offers the lowest possible latency. The FIFO interfaces runs at much higher frequency than the Ethernet clock rate.

Sustain full 10G line rate performance on both the receiving and transmitting side. Best performance even at smallest Ethernet packet size


LeWiz MAC tracks the Ethernet line for link detection

    On the receiving side, it:
  • handles all Ethernet error conditions
  • checks the CRC
  • checks for valid MAC address
  • Supports Broadcast, multi-cast modes
  • supports VLAN, ARP, PING, TCP/UDP, IP only, etc.
  • Supports jumbo frame
  • collects statistics (Many counters and flags) for debug
  • collects error conditions
  • (optional) has ability to pre-check the UDP/TCP checksum
  • (optional) has the ability to classify packets to different types to assist the user logic.
    On the transmit side, it:
  • generates the CRC for the packet
  • encapsulates the packet then
  • interfaces with the SerDes/Ethernet side directly
  • No external PHY required
  • supports VLAN, ARP, PING,
  • supports TCP/UDP, IP only, etc.
  • collects statistics (Many counters and flags) for hardware/software debug

Driver Support is available for Linux (Windows and others available based on customer request)

FPGA support currently available for Stratix V. Others available based on customer request.

LeWiz also provides customization and design services to assist customers if required.

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LeWiz Communications, Inc.
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