july 2018

After several months of assessment, DARPA selected LeWiz Communications as a member of the team supporting the ERI POSH program to spearhead development of advanced technologies.

Semiconductor technology has followed Moore’s Law in the past 50 years, during which time tremendous amounts of gates have been made available in a single chip. In today’s connected world, SoCs can contain processor arrays with many integrated peripherals and complex analog functions. SoCs are useful in many applications, from small IoT devices such as sensors to vehicle electronics to large, complex computing systems such as servers and storage systems in computing and entertainment data centers. However, design technologies have not kept pace and developing a highly integrated SoC still requires significant time, resources, and expenses as well as painful debugging. Having a complete set of useful, proven open source functions could reduce time and cost expenditures exponentially.

LeWiz Communications produces proven, production deployed IP core libraries and FPGA technologies for extreme reliability applications in the financial, government, and entertainment sectors. Under the DARPA Posh Open Source Hardware (POSH) program, which is a part of DARPA’s Electronics Resurgence Initiative, LeWiz will spearhead the development of a set of communication technologies. The goal is to make these technologies available initially within a year’s time for network applications in complete form with code, simulation benches, test patterns, software, documentation and support.

Incomplete, poor quality code, or code without documentation and support frustrates the users in the open source community. LeWiz seeks to develop technologies that will address the technical requirements but will also strive to make them easy to use and easy for the users to migrate designs across different performance ranges. Its expected technologies will benefit chip, software and test developers from the design to the lab debugging and production cycle. Further, they will support custom, semi-custom or FPGA-based SoCs – including Intel and Xilinx FPGAs.

“We are very honored to be selected by DARPA - a prestigious advanced research agency, and happy to be able to contribute to the advancement of US national security and the technological world at large.”, said Chinh Le, LeWiz Communications’ CEO.

LeWiz provides accelerated, high performance, production deployed IP cores and FPGA products for network security/analysis, video streaming, and TCP/UDP/IP acceleration used in video, financial, and computing servers, storage and security systems. LeWiz’s products range from Gbps to 100Gbps as standard or customizable products with acceleration, unique function and performance advantages.